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The Wedi world of systems

Wedi The Ultimate Tile Backerboard

Wedi building panels are so much more than a simple tile backer board, available in thicknesses from 4mm to 100mm, compatible with virtually any substrate, Wedi panels are lightweight, easy to cut and dimensionally stable.

The blue extruded polystyrene rigid closed cell foam core is 100% waterproof, CFC free and remains so even after possible damage, reinforced with glass fibre mesh on both sides and coated with synthetic polymer resin mortar, the panels are strong and will not delaminate, they have heat insulation properties and protect against mould.

Wedi also make a range of Construct Boards, a unique slotted shapeable board.

Wedi panels can be tiled with all types of ceramic, glass or stone tiles, mosaic or large format tiles. Wedi is a complete system guaranteed by the market leader who have decades of experience in producing the most comprehensive product range of tile backer systems.

Wedi Fundo Trays

Wedi waterproof shower bases offer a cost-effective solution for constructing 100% waterproof and mould proof showers. They are easy to install and open up a whole new world of design possibilities for showers, wet areas and baths. Wedi shower systems blend the traditional values of design flexibility and robustness while offering the added benefits that come with state of the art material and manufacturing technologies.

Used in combination with Wedi building panels on walls and floors, Wedi shower bases offer an excellent alternative to traditional installation methods. No more pre-sloping, flat spots, clogged drains or shower tray leaks, the traditional installation time is reduced, preparation for tiling is also minimised. Fundo’s are tough and are available in point drain, or designer linear drain options.

The Tray Range

Primo - Classic flush to floor point drainage shower base 40mm thick at the outer edge.

Ligno - Point drainage base developed for refurbishment situations where height is an issue, only 20mm thick at the outer edge.

Riolito - Designer shower base 50mm thick with a sophisticated linear drainage systems, ideal for large element tiles, wall and floor profiles complement the Riolito range.

Riolito Neo - Thanks to a new slimline drain the Neo linear drain is now even closer to the wall.

Riofino - A different kind of lineage drainage, streamlined, only 300mm long and centred.

Plano - The thinnest complete drainage system, Plano has an integrated drain and has an installation height of just 65mm.

Plano Linea - To complement the Plano, Linea incorporates a linear drain and has a total installation height of just 70mm.

Solso - The only Fundo that can be used with PVC coverings, 40mm thick.

Discreto - The ultimate contemporary design , used with the Riolito range, Discreto creates the illusion that water is draining into a wall.

Nautilo - A distinctive shell shape spiral shower enclosure.

Trollo - A circular shower enclosure.

Custom Made Fundo Trays

if you have a difficult problem that one of the standard Fundo trays cannot deal with, a purpose made tray can be produced to your specification. Send us your sketch and Wedi will produce an AutoCAD drawing of your requirements for checking and signing off to enable production to commence, the process usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete.

Wedi Wellness & Spa Systems

Wedi produce a unique and elegant range of wellness products, prefabricated modular benches, loungers and design elements, 100% waterproof and vapour retardant, with no need for framework support. Wedi wellness systems are fast, clean and efficient to install.


Sanbath Wave and Sanbath Cube are Wedi’s preformed contemporary shower elements and preformed baths.


Specifically designed for external use, the Balco board system provides a waterproof solution to balconies and terraces and can be installed over felt or asphalt substrates.


Wedi’s modular wall shape system, round shapes, wavy lines, corner solutions, there are no limits to the design options, Moltoromo is made to order. The Moltoromo product range can be viewed by visiting www.wedi.co.uk

Non Step

Impact sound insulation panels, they create a decoupling effect under ceramic or laminate flooring and can reduce impact noise by up to 16Db.


Wedi offer a range of sealing and decoupling membranes, designed for high wet areas, or tension reducing to eliminate cracking.