Wedi Fundos are the total answer to wet rooms & walk-in showers.

Wedi Fundo opens up exciting design opportunities for open plan tiled bathing areas and walk-in showers matched to 21st century lifestyles.

At the core of the Fundo concept is the same innovation and quality that characterise all Wedi building products.

Tilebacker Boards

Wedi Tile Backer Boards are more than a surface for tiling onto.

Wedi Tile Backer Board is a construction material that opens up a wealth of creative possibilities on tight budgets. Wedi Tilebacker Board combines lightness, structural stability, thermal insulation and a vapour barrier.

Wedi board dramatically improves the effectiveness of under-tile heating systems.


Why use a wet room shower system:

  • If you have a small area removing your bath or shower gives you extra space.
  • From a hygiene and cleanliness perspective there are many advantages, as there is very little within the wet room to get dirty.
  • From a maintenance point of view – there is much less likelihood of spillage compared with a conventional shower system – anything spilled just goes down the drain.
  • Adding a wet room as first or second bathroom will enhance the value of your house – they are a highly valued option.
  • The cost of a wet room is often similar to an expensive shower enclosure – and it looks a lot better.

What other things to consider about wet room shower systems:

  • If the area is small with no screen you can get wet towels and loo rolls.
  • The wet room must be properly waterproofed to avoid leak damage.
  • If it’s the only bathroom and you remove the bath it could make the house less saleable – buyers often like at least one bath.
  • The Tiling needs to be floor to ceiling.